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Beekeeping suit is a very important thing for each beekeeper because safety is the first priority for everyone. There are a number of brands in California  , Oakland , Long Beach who are providing their services in the market. They Provide best bee jacket , sting proof best bee suit and many other protective gears for you and your family . so it’s hard for you to make quick decisions.

If you are very caring for your family and you can not compromise on the low quality product . We will suggest you for the top-quality then do connect with us . Get a premium quality perfect bee jacket Long Beach and ventilated bee jacket Long Beach.

OZ Armour company that deals in protective gear like the bee suit, beehive equipment, and live starter kits, etc. Oz Armour are renowned for its highest quality products and services.

We want to create beekeeping a pleasant experience and you never want to miss out. So stay with us and get recognized by our products. Our goal is to design sting-free bee suits and with maximum features making sure that you are safe during your job.

We continue to refine our products and services by having feedback from our valuable customers to furnish them with a better experience next time. The testing of our beekeeping suits in our own apiary gives confidence to our customers while working at their job. 


After Knowing all the features of our protection gear, Never do an experiment of purchasing other suits.       Grab this best bee suit from OZ Armour .
Spend a hassle-free day at your farm.

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Sting Proof Beekeeping Suits - OZ Armour

Childrens beekeeping suits long beach California

Childrens beekeeping suits

Childrens Beekeeping Suits

Training childrens to love, respect, and care for the natural world is a righteous aim for any farm parent. There are many ways to do so like digging up the garden, caring for pets, planting small plants. Beekeeping has proved one of the most exciting and interesting activities for childrens , so try to instruct your children from their early age to value nature by engaging them in beekeeping jobs. 

It can seem formidable at first but assure the safety of childrens first by providing them with beekeeper suits. If you are already searching for the best children’s beekeeping suit . communicate with us and have kids’ suits with amazing features

At OZ Armour, you will find classic kids beekeeper suit that are absolutely sting-free. Our objective is to provide you with our products and services at amazingly low prices. We don’t compromise on quality So shop from us right now for a satisfying experience.


So after knowing all the features of our protection gear, never do an experiment of purchasing other suits and grab this best bee suit from OZ Armour and spend a hassle-free day at your farm.

Kids Beekeeper suit Long Beach California

Kids beekeeper suit

Ventilated Children Bee Suit

How To Prepare Kids For Beekeeping

Here are some cues to get Beekeeping started with your kids:

Gear up: The kids must have their own bee protective suit of appropriate size to comfortably work on the farm.

Overcoming their fears:  Don’t compel them to play a part in hive maintenance and if they are too afraid at first. Prepare them gradually and they will become congenial with these stinging bees over time. Beekeeping jobs have many other activities too that don’t require direct interaction with bees so engage the children in those activities who become nervous at the start. 

Assign them their jobs: It will be better for everyone to have prescribed jobs along with childrens beekeeping suits for working on the day of beekeeping. It will create a sense of responsibility in them and will make them realize that they are equally valued members of the family.

When we established our store in 2013, our mission was to provide the highest quality suits, sourcing the best materials, for the bee workers around the globe.

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