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Beekeeping Veils

Beekeeping Veils

There are not many useful little creatures in the world like honey bees. They are generally gentle and don’t seem to hate humans unless you go to their home to take their honey. Because when you try to do so, they attack you very quickly. These thousands of little insects will not let you harvest the honey easily. So, stop bees having immediate access to your skin with our durable products. 

Finding the best equipments like sting proof beekeeping gloves and beekeeping veils and best bee suits is not as easy as it sounds. And there are hundreds of different brands in Oakland California that are looking forward to selling you their products. Choosing the right beekeeping suit might become a headache for you. Get in touch with us to have top-quality beekeeping suits and beekeeping veils along with proper accessories.

Protective Bee Gloves company in Oakland

Before you jump into the confusing world of what’s wrong and what’s right for you, let us tell you that you can avoid all of this painful and time-wasting process just by connecting to Oz Armour . We will provide you with world-class products that will help you to work safely and efficiently. So make sure to approach the protective bee gloves company in Oakland to get the best quality gloves and veils. The products we provide are affordable and long-lasting.

Types Of Beekeeping Veils:

There are mainly three types of beekeeping veils; rounded, square, and hooded. All of them have distinctive features. Some provide good mobility and others have better visibility.

  • Round Beekeeping Veils: The round veils generally comes as a single unit and consists of a wide brim and a mesh to fully cover your head. It circles all-around your head. Since it consists of a mesh it provides great visibility and ventilation. It is often very large and might be a little tricky to attach to your suit. But once you’ve done with that, it provides great safety and comfort. And it is the most used veil by the people in the harvesting business.
  • Square Beekeeping Veils: The square veils is a type that comes in two pieces. There is a hat and a veil and they are not permanently attached. The shape of this sting proof bee veil is square as you can guess from the name. It is the most economical of the three types and the vision provided by this veil is somewhat less than a rounded veil but greater than a hooded one. So if you want to save some money, this might be the right option for you. But there are some drawbacks too. The square veil is not the safest one out there.
  • HoodedBeekeeping Veils: A hooded veil is a sting proof bee veil that provides maximum protection. It can be worn like a hood. This type of veil is generally very safe. But there is a little drawback to it. It hinders your peripheral vision. Before getting one of these veils, you also want to make sure that it fits you properly because if you get a unit that is smaller than your size, it will be very difficult to work with that. So if you want to get the maximum safety and on other hand, you are also willing to compromise on a little bit of mobility, then this one will be the best option for you.
buy beekeeping veils Oakland

Best Beekeeping Veils

sting proof beekeeping gloves

Sting Proof Beekeeping Gloves

When looking for beekeeping gloves, you should look for the three main features that are a good fit, a nice grip, and sting protection. Based on these features we can see that there are three types of gloves that are mostly used for this beekeeping job. Depending on your choice, you can grab any of these gloves at affordable rates by reaching us.

●Gloves made of leather:

If you want good protection and comfort while working, leather gloves are an option to consider. They are mostly made up of goat or cow skin. Since they are made of natural material, they are breathable. They can absorb sweat as well. In case you are a person who is going to work in a hot environment, then they will suit you. It should be noticed that leather gloves reduce your efficiency and there is a chance that you will accidentally crush your bees while wearing these so you have to be very careful and need to buy a good quality of leather gloves so buy best leather gloves in oakland california from OZ Armour.

● Ventilated and cuff protected beekeeping gloves:

As the name suggests the trait, these gloves are for people with sweaty hands. Since most of the bee farming happens in the summer, having a pair of beekeeping gloves that lets the air in, is a pretty good thing. These sting proof beekeeping gloves also keep away the bees from getting into your suit through your cuff. So they cover one of the open ends of your jacket as well.

●Nitrile gloves:

Synthetic rubber gloves are also a good option for beekeeping. They provide high precision while working. They are flexible and easy to wear. But unfortunately, they are not the safest option. They are not as thick as some of the previous mentions. The air cannot pass through them. So if you are someone with sweaty hands think twice before working with these.

Protective Bee Gloves

Having the perfect product yields no good when you don’t use it properly. So taking care of the following things is necessary to avoid any kind of accident.

  • Always put on the safety equipment after checking it properly. If you use a veil and do not zip it properly, some bees might sneak in and cause trouble.
  • Do not use worn-out suits, sting proof beekeeping gloves, and veils because they can have holes in them that may provide the bees a gateway to get into your clothing. 
  • And the last thing we will say is the use of safety equipment. Because oftentimes, when the bees are gentle we tend to neglect safety and that can result in a disaster.

Here at Protective Bee Gloves Company in Oakland, we want to make beekeeping an enjoyable task for you that you don’t want to give it up. That’s why we are dedicated to focusing on manufacturing the finest quality beekeeping equipment for you. Reach out to us to get these products at very reasonable prices.

sting proof beekeeping gloves

When we established our store in 2013, our mission was to provide the highest quality suits, sourcing the best materials, for the bee workers around the globe.

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