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Our trained artisans can handle any part of your basement remodeling project, from kitchen and bath remodeling, basement remodeling, foloring, deck, and railing services. We are really proud of his solid business reputation for supplying stability and services. We are committed to offering trustworthy, dependable home repair, maintenance, and renovation services.

Our entire team is kind, knowledgeable, and helpful, and we will always provide you with the greatest home advice. Our multi-skilled crew has extensive experience in all aspects of home renovation and can tackle almost any project around the house. But it’s little work up to mid-sized remodels that we succeed at.

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kitchen and bath remodeling

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling

The heart of your home is your kitchen. If you’re not in love with your kitchen, it’s time to make your renovation fantasies a reality. Whether it’s a fast update or a complete makeover understand that kitchen and bath remodeling increases more than just the value of your home; it also enhances your quality of life. We’ll collaborate with you to design and build a new bathroom and kitchen that you’ll enjoy for many years.

The best kitchen and bath remodeling services put a lot of effort into ensuring that our customers have a positive experience with their refurbishment projects. We deliver the same level of service and attention whether you are doing a modest bathroom remodel or a huge house bathroom restoration. We can help you realize your kitchen and bath remodeling dreams, no matter how big or small they are. We can redesign your bathroom or kitchen completely or partially, depending on your budget, taste, and timetable.

basement remodeling Bloomfield hills mi

basement remodeling

Have you always wanted a stunning, finished basement to expand your home? Improvement of your basement remodeling is one of the most beneficial decisions you can make when it comes to home remodeling. A basement remodeling will not only provide you with more usable space right away but will also help you sell your house in the future.

The basement remodeling Bloomfield hills mi is an unfinished or finished basement is an excellent method to increase the size, value, and comfort of your most valuable asset, your home. Basements and terrace levels are great for in-law suites or casual family social activities. Basement remodeling is used for storage, why not incorporate elegant and adaptable storage that complements the refurbished area? When closets, built-in entertainment units, and bookshelves are included in the redesigned design, they significantly improve the shape and function of a room.

decks and railing

decks and railing

Start by taking notice of the major aspects listed below to ensure that your decks and railing system are safe and fully compliant with building requirements. It’s vital to remember that exact code requirements can differ by area. We start with removing all of the old deck boards, steps, and railings. When we build decks and railing, we always make sure the existing framework is up to code. To match your new decking, we normally cover the existing external framework with composite trim.

The outdoor railings for steps near me carefully remove any flower pots, weather vanes, speakers, or other items affixed to your deck railings and re-attach them to the new rails. At the completion of the project, we will remove all of the old deck boards and railings. If you want some or all of the old lumber, please let us know where you want it and we’ll gladly leave it for you

best flooring center Bloomfield hills mi


You might assume that applying a great, even coat of stain and varnish to your new floor is the most difficult part of the process, but it isn’t. It might be just as difficult, if not more difficult, to remove all of the previous stains and varnish. Sanding to the proper levels is critical for the flooring, and even finish, and the removal of defects.

You must anticipate that you will need to repair your floor at some time, which means you must plan ahead. However, the appearance of this varies depending on the type of floor. You might only need the best flooring center Bloomfield hills mi if you’re working with the floor. Don’t think that hardwood is your sole option because of today’s flooring trends. Flooring provides excellent design alternatives that are difficult to distinguish from the real thing.

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