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Half Price Roof division is dedicated to providing you with the same quality customer services and attention to detail that we’ve always offered and that you expect and deserve. Half Price Roofing Service Lexington, KY has added a roof and Windows to our services store so we can better serve you and your many needs. Our Service specialize in roofing and remodeling the roofs of residential and commercial buildings. A worn and damaged roof can easily be damaged by wind, hail, and leaks, which can worsen over time and ultimately cause undesirable water damage, harmful mold, and even structural damage within your home or business.

Today’s life is so busy! Half Roofing Service in Lexington, KY is committed to finishing work quickly, efficiently, and without stress, causing minor disruptions in your daily life. We are reputable roofing contractors for Half Price Roof residents and business owners alike. We guarantee your complete satisfaction. You may not believe you are saving money, but you could end up causing more damage. It is better to fix problems quickly than to let them get worse. The roof overhead and the standard of living of your home are both connected to the roof. If you want to get a new roof over your house, you will need to think about how you will do the job of a roofing company.

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Half Roofing Service


The roof of your Lexington, KY home is experiencing the effects of wear and tear, you need a reliable company to turn to for roof repair work & considering the severity of the conditions we sometimes experience throughout the Central Kentucky area, it’s beneficial to have your roof looked at if it has been damaged during a storm. We pride ourselves on doing quality products with exceptional services. Commercial Roofing Lexington, KY systems are invested to ensure all projects we provide material for is a success.

 A constant commitment to customer services and product development allows us to be a critical success factor for our customers. Metal Roofing Lexington, KY provides more than just panels. Half Roofing Service Systems manufacturers of complete systems for metal roofs, walls, and soffit applications. Commercial Roofing Lexington system prides itself on being an extension of quality and service to those we provide products to. It is always your goal to make you look good on the job and assist in any way to ensure a smooth and successful installation.

Half Roofing Service


Half Price Roof provides the local, leading provider of energy-efficient Replacement Windows in Lexington, KY siding, and doors. From the beginning, the half-price roof is committed to offering our customers the highest quality replacement products so you can feel confident when partnering with us. For residential glass home replacement windows near me, our professionals are never far away, as we have Lexington, KY in the U.S. If you’re looking for home improvement windows and glass options, we can upgrade your single pane windows to double pane, custom cut glass for your entry door or update your patio doors. Half Roof Price experts can repair broken windows or install replacement window panes within the same day that damage occurs, but our services don’t stop there. We can also repair your car windows.

Our replacement windows in Lexington, KY installers can work efficiently to ensure that your windows whether for home or auto are in proper condition. Much like our Half Price Roof Company, our products are homegrown. We proudly source materials from the USA, and we’re committed to traditions. Our extensive guarantees mean that you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes a good purchase.

Half Roofing Service


If you are in the market for new vinyl siding, we are glad you found us. Siding Contractors in Lexington, KY is here to connect you with the siding contractors and vinyl siding professionals in Lexington and the shrouding areas in Kentucky.

Our Siding contractors are experienced designers and business leaders who use only the highest quality products and operate the highest quality. When you hire our siding contractors to install new siding on your home or business, rest assured you’re hiring the best siding professional in Lexington, KY. We specialize in vinyl siding, windows, and roofing. We focus our efforts on creating custom side projects and aim to exceed the expectations of our clients. Take a look at our reviews for recent siding installation jobs.

Our customers are thrilled with our work. The friendly professionals at siding installers near me would love to speak with you about all benefits of insulated vinyl siding to help you make an educated decision moving forward. Half Price Roofing Lexington, KY is a great option for a customer looking for a low-maintenance solution that has great advantages over more traditional material when it comes to protecting your home or business against termites and other critters, harmful whether.


Half Roofing Service

Professionally installed and well-maintained gates help protect your home and prevent flooding.The rainwater can inflict costly damage to your roof, and siding. Foundation, and landscaping. Using state-of-the-art gutter products, we install high-quality gutter systems that will direct water away from your base effectively. Gutters are available in 5” or 6” seamless style. Not only are our gutters built to provide great protection from water damage, but they are also made to look good on any equipment. Let us customize the gutter system for your home. Half Price Roof Gutter Cleaning in Lexington, KY offers professional installation and maintenance of gutters to keep them functioning properly.

We use the manufacturers of quality rain protection systems, we create and install seamless gates to fit your home style and proportions. No need to wait too long with custom orders to get the best match. Half Price Roof Gutter Installation is designed to protect your gutter system from damage and rust caused by leaves and debris that build up over time. Half-price roof gutters also drastically reduce the time it takes to clean your gutters allowing you to easily maintain and ensure proper functionality for years to come.

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