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Max Ride is a Family Owned and operated business. It was newly established in 2021 during the time of the Pandemic. We’re proud to say that we’ve kept the company afloat during this time because of our positive customer service. We owe all of our success to clients like yourself for placing your trust in us and continuing to do business with us today! We have provided help to handicapped people, students, and females during this hard time. We can provide you with pick and delivery services, Courier delivery services, Furniture delivery services, and as well as moving services. Our main objective is to build good relations with people during this hard pandemic situation by helping them in every possible way. Quality services are what you can expect from Max Ride!

Our Services

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Pick Up and Delivery

We know how much you love your home, and that’s why we make sure to provide the best customer service. With our pick up and delivery services in Toronto for furniture installation as well other large items like appliances–we’ll take care of everything! Our drivers are specially trained so they can deliver those heavy loads without difficulty; plus our vehicles have all been properly equipped with the tools necessary in order to accomplish any task at hand quickly and efficiently.

Moving Services

We are more than happy to help you with your next move. We provide a range of moving services Toronto that are sure to meet any moving requirement and deliver a level of care and professionalism that is unrivaled in the moving business. Our team has more than 1-year of experience with all types of moves, including international ones! Give us a call today so we can take care of everything from packing up your old home or business establishment into those pesky boxes until they get shipped off somewhere new and then transport them over there safely while also providing storage solutions when necessary too! It’s always an honor to help loyal customers like yourself with everyday needs!

Furniture Delivery

You’re about to make a big change in your home, but don’t worry! We’ve got everything under control. The first step is understanding how you’ll get the old furniture out and then assembly can begin on our end – which should take no more than an hour or two for most pieces (depending). Afterward, we will drive over with all new stuff so that it’s ready when they arrive at their destination; this usually requires one trip per large item unless there are several nearby homes whose doors need filling too. We want to assist you in every manner throughout this trying period, therefore it would be an honor for us to offer safe and cheap furniture delivery services Toronto at any time!

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Courier and Delivery

With almost every goods, package, or pallet, Max Ride has a vehicle and van/Sprinter available to suit your needs. Our staff is dressed in a company uniform with an ID badge clearly visible. Max Ride is dedicated to providing exceptional levels of basic service and the most adaptable delivery times for your time-sensitive same-day deliveries, from a little packet or box to a whole vanload. We understand the importance of discretion with our clients, so you can rest assured that your most valued possessions will only leave the hands of one of Max Ride’s couriers once they are in your possession. Courier and delivery services Toronto are completed by hand with care and precision to preserve the value of your items. Max Ride offers an unparalleled selection of top-quality vehicles to suit your needs for deliveries of any size or type.

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