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For residential roofing contractors’ needs, Half Price Roof & Gutters has been serving Nashville and the surrounding areas. Your family’s comfort, safety, and peace of mind are important so a solid and reliable roof is a top priority for your home. Half Roofing Service in Nashville, NC is a top roofing contractor company that specializes in residential roofing and commercial roofing to protect what is most important to you your home, and your family.  We are best known for the installation of high-quality aluminum shake roofing and standing seam metal roofing. We are an accredited member of the better business with an outstanding record of zero complaints.

 Our sales staff has extensive experience in dealing with all insurance companies, and all of our roof installers are certified with a minimum of 15 years of experience. With years of professional and certified residential roof installation installed by a company that is very proud of its work and puts its customers first, you can be sure that Half Price Roof is dedicated to your satisfaction with the perfect service.The importance of the gutter system is to protect your most important investment in your home. Failure to carry rain means that water is not taken from your roof and your home, but up into your roof and down into the walls of your house.

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commercial roofing


Half Price Roof proudly serves the homeowners & businesses of Nashville, NC. We are rated an A+ and fully insured and licensed roofing company. We specialize in both commercial roofing and metal roofing, as well as gutter installations. Our Metal Roofing Nashville, NC experienced team of roofer technicians will provide the highest quality work on your home or business. We offer commercial roofing Nashville, NC installation, roofing replacements, and metal roofing, as well as gutter installations for both metal and commercial properties. All of our roofs are installed with a 20-year roofing system warranty. We are a fully-fledged commercial, residential, and roofing company that provides roof system installation, emergency roof repairs, and plans to repair all your roofing needs. Call our roofing and gutter experts today for a free trial. We are happy to provide you with a professional roofing estimate for your home or commercial project.

commercial roofing


Your windows are not just a decorative element that add curb appeal to your home. Windows can also help you create and energy-efficient home by letting in sunlight that keep heating costs down. High quality windows can also help you maintain a stable, comfortable temperature in your home so that your heating and cooling system does not overheat. Over time, windows can wear don and become less effective at boosting your home’s energy efficiency. Signs that you need a window replacement include empty rooms, broken or damaged frames, or an increase in external noise coming in.

Windows can also be cracked, which can be a security risk. If you notice any signs cracking, you’ll want to get a window-glass replacement as soon as possible. Half Price Roof Replacement Windows in Nashville, NC offers window installation service for your home. Contact your local home replacement windows near me to schedule a free consultation with a project specialist. Once you have selected the window type, the independent installers will complete the project.  Our project specialist are ready to answer any questions that arise during your project and ensure you’re pleased with the outcome.


commercial roofing

Your home is your largest investment, so you want to make sure that you protect it from the siding at your home. When you are looking for a company that provides superior home improvement and siding in Nashville, NC look no further. Half Price Roof Siding Contractors in Nashville, NC understand the importance of providing high quality products to improve the curb appeal and functionality of your home or business.

Half Price Roof siding has many benefits for homeowners. Unlike other building materials, it is designed to be lightweight but environmentally friendly, making it a popular choice for new homes. It is also cheeped easy to install and has been shown to reduce heating and cooling costs by maintaining a standard temperature. As a homeowner, you want the best for your environment. New vinyl siding can eliminate repair costs in the future and can also save you money on maintenance, Using the zip code you enter, Half Price Roof can find siding installers near me to ensure the job is done properly, and you can go back to enjoying your home. We have seen a number of devastating storms during our time serving the Nashville, NC community, and our experience has made a difference in the live of our customer.

commercial roofing


Well-fitted gutters are a must for your home covers. New gutter collect rainwater that falls onto your roof and redirects it away from the foundation of your house. It is important to call a professional who uses automatic technology if there is water flowing near your roof or if you notice that it is not draining properly as this may mean that you need to be replaced. No one likes a wet home drain when it rains. That’s why Half Price Roof team of Roof Gutter Installation is here to help you get your roof protection in order with new gutters or an upgrade for the already installed system.

Gutters are an important part of a supportive roof system, and because issues tend to get worse over time and impact other areas of your home, you’ll need want find out if your home needs new gutters as soon as possible. Half Price Roof gutter cleaning in Nashville, NC always here to help out your gutter problems. You can contact us when you want for free consultation.

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