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Best Bee Suit -OZ Armour

Life is little bit difficult when you are earning your living by a business which is difficult and risky at the same time. Bee keeping Santa Ana is one of those interesting way of earnings. Most people think bees are wild creatures and always attack but surprisingly this is not true.

Honey bees are very loving and friendly in nature unless they feel like someone is invading their territory. And it happens very often you need to deal with bees with your co-workers on daily bases. It’s really an interesting job to watch nature’s phenomenon every other day but bee stings are not exciting at all!

Adult bee suits and children bee suits Santa Ana are those self-protective equipments which these professionals use. A full bee suit is usually consists of long sleeves and long pants made up of white colored animal leather and canvas materials. Most of these protective suits come with a hat and net veil as well.

These are zipper suits that serve many purposes. There are a large number of sting proof suits available in the market. Their quality and features may differ immensely. In a fewest possible words these are compulsory clothes that should be durable, good coverage, reasonable visibility, and vented. These suits must have good number of pockets, soft enough and easy to use.

Benefits and drawbacks of sting proof clothing:


Protection from a painful and irritating bee sting and allergic reactions is the main purpose of the best adult bee suits Santa Ana. They are 100% effective and also comfortable enough that allow you to navigate properly in bee colonies. Protective clothing is not only protective for workers but also for bee workers as it prevent the instances of their being squashed.

As a beekeeper when you roam around the colonies there is always a high risk of an unexpected attack. You remain mentally conscious if you don’t use these protective dresses. Even if you mistakenly terrified there are huge chances that you will squash many bees. It can also cause the spread of disease due to those dead ones in the hives as it’s really difficult to put them out completely.

Another plus point of using beekeeping suits is that hive residents won’t get your smell. They are reactive to animal scents and washable sting protective suits allow you to avoid such situations. This protective clothing also provides you shield again environmental conditions and cool enough to allow you to work feasibly.


One of the major issues one can face is decreased dexterity and difficulty to move with leather suits. But this can be resolved by using soft goat leather or cotton canvas protective suits for beekeepers. This problem can also be reduced by buying suits that fit your size. You will also see people working with bees without any protective covering but obviously, this is not recommended.

For newbies not at all! Even if you know your bees very well, still there is a hover risk of their unpredictable behavior. Some people complain that they need to wash them out on daily basis and find it difficult. Well! This is not an issue to be listed when your health is at stake. Advanced adult bee suits and children bee suits are easy to wash.

adult bee suits

Best Bee Suit -OZ Armour

adult bee suits

Children's beekeeping suits

Variety of sting proof protective clothing:

Different kinds of materials, types and size ranges are available in different marketplaces. Modern bee protective suits are quite an improvement as compared to what beekeepers used to wear in the past. Three types of materials basically used in best adult bee suits and best children bee suits.

  1. Cotton:

Cotton is used to make full coverage sting proof dressings. Its prime benefit is that cotton is light weight and easy to use. Also its natural color is white. It’s quite thick and make it difficult for honey bee sting to penetrate through it. The only problem in cotton safety suits is that they are not very breathable.

  1. Nylon:

Nylon suits are relatively thinner. For his reason, their dexterity is much better than cotton material. Because of its slippery texture, it doesn’t allow a stinger to hold on to it to penetrate the sting. It fits your size and skin in a better way. The only problem with nylon protections is that they are even less breathable than cotton. In warm weather, it can cause increased perspiration.

  1. Mesh:

Mesh material is used in modern adult and children bee suits in multiple layers. Single-layer mesh material doesn’t provide good protection against stingers but multiple layers are pretty safe against bee stings. Its most important plus factor is that it’s very breathable as compared to cotton and nylon.

  1. Vented sting proof suits with hood veil:

Ventilated beekeeping suits suitable for all weather. These are also available in handwashing material. Available in all size ranges. Almost all kind of protective clothing is available with enough pockets and spaces to make your tasks easy.

  1. Round veiled sting safety suits:

Round net veiled suits with or with caps along with easy to use zip opening are also available in the market in almost all size ranges from best children bee suits to adult bee suits for sale. Made up of all fabric materials like cotton, nylon, and mesh for life care service.

  1. Customized veil shape bee suits:

This kind of adult bee suits for sale and children bee suits for sale offers the best view and protection. Elasticized waist and leg openings prevent bees to find their way inside the protective suits.

Select best sting protective suits for yourself:


The most common mistake that new beekeepers do that they select the wrong size for themselves especially females. This not only increases the cost also makes buying troubled. There should be no empty spaces on your fingers and around the elbow. Obviously, it will make your navigation difficult in bee colonies. It will cause a mess. Large-sized suits will also reduce dexterity and temperature sensitivity.

Weather conditions:

Weather conditions and temperature forecast should be one the most important consideration while choosing an adult bee suit for sale and children bee suits for sale. Choose wisely between cotton, nylon, and mesh according to the weather of your town. Too hot or too cold body temperature not only can cause health issues plus also make you unsettled while working with hives. One can buy one or two protective outfits of different materials so that they can use them according to daily weather.

What people do when they don’t use protective outfit:

You can see many experienced people don’t use any kind of professional protective suits. They only use leather or any kind of slippery jackets with thick jeans pants. They also don’t use beekeeping gloves and work bare-handed. This can only be done when you know your bees very well but still, this practice is not recommended even for experienced beekeepers. It’s not a good practice.

When they teach the next generation and newbies they must use children bee suits for sale Santa Ana. Customized suits can be used to improve feasibility. If you don’t use these beekeeping suits bring them into your practice. Everyone should follow SOPs. It’s not that difficult to buy them once according to your needs and use them for a lifetime.

children bee suits

Children's beekeeping suits

When we established our store in 2013, our mission was to provide the highest quality suits, sourcing the best materials, for the bee workers around the globe.

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