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Honey beekeeping is one of the most fascinating and risky job at the same time. Similarly honey bees can be very friendly and wild at any time. Nothing can beat quality of something that is carried out by standard SOPs and responsibility.

Beekeeping suit is one of that standard operating procedure required for quality bee keeping business. Sting proof suits are self-protective equipments consists of long gloves, jackets, pants and net veils. They are mostly white or skin colored zipper suits made up of different kind of materials. There is a wide variety of ventilated bee jackets and so if you want to buy best jackets and best beekeeping suits riverside for kids Oz Armour is here to help you so In a nut-shell these are compulsory protection which provide safety to a beekeeper form painful and irritating bee sting.

These are light in weight ultimate coverage systems that allow workers to navigate easily in honey bee colonies. Sting proof clothing reduces the oscillating danger of being attacked all the time while working with bees. Even when they triggered and try to attack you, suit prevents you to get panic and aggressive. You don’t need to run away and thus it also protects your precious honey bees from being squashed.

Large numbers of protective suits are available in the market that can be immensely different in quality in variety. Children beekeeping suits are also available in different material and sizes. These suits are made up of three basic materials which are cotton, nylon, mesh and leather. Heavy duty cow leather and light weight single or double layered goat leather suits can be avail.

Mesh safety suits are usually made up of multiple layers because single mesh layer is not sting protective. You can ask for both ventilated bee protective suits and non-ventilated suits for cold weathers as well. While selecting a beekeeping suit one must pay head to its perfect size. It must be finely fit to your size otherwise it will definitely reduce dexterity and temperature sensitivity.

This is the most common mistake newbies do, especially females. Another thing to consider with attention is weather condition of your area. Non-ventilated suits for cold and mesh material ventilated suits will go for hot weather conditions. You will find people working without these protective measures and also suggest other to do the same but this is not recommended at all. Not even for experienced ones who know their bees well.


Some people who don’t use complete protective suits and use one of their this and old leather jackets in which they feel comfortable enough to move as their protection again bee stings and allergies. Jackets along with thick jeans can work for some people who are familiar with their bees and hives. Those are not learners anymore and know very well how to react and handle their bees when they attack. Most of them have already developed immunity for allergic reactions by previous stings. So they can work like this although it’s not a recommended procedure. But many of experienced ones still use gloves to work with hives.

Sting proof beekeeping gloves helps you not to freak out and run away just because you are stung so much.  These gloves are long elasticized protections made up of different materials. Ventilated beekeeping gloves and non-ventilated both are easily available online and in different market places. These gloves in all size ranges from XXS, to XXL and for kids aging 7 to 14 are easily available. You can find immensely different variety of leather gloves with or without cuffs, rubber material, cotton, canvas and mix stuff. Chromium free heavy duty cow leather and thin layered goat leather professional and best beekeeping gloves can be very helpful or some people.

Some people argue about not using gloves just because it’s difficult for them to move their hands while wearing gloves. Well this is not an issue when you use gloves exactly of your size. There should be no empty fingers above your fingers. If you but wrong size and work like this then obviously it will reduce dexterity and temperature sensitivity and you will find it difficult to use protective gloves.

Buy best beekeeping gloves exactly of your size and material which suits you the most according to your temperature for cast. Select ventilated gloves for high temperature zones and non-vented for cold regions. You can also buy two or more to use according to daily weather. These professional protective equipements are light weight and easily washable so they prevent bee’s attack by reducing animal scent that can make bees reactive.

Many people use nitrile gloves or simple dish washing gloves to work with bees. No one can say it good because these gloves are not designed to handle honey bees. They make your hand extremely sweaty and don’t protect your hand from stings. Working with nitrile gloves or bare handed is equal instead they produce plastic trash.

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The one part of sting proof suit that is most varied and most crucial is obviously veil. Beekeepers who don’t use whole sting proof suits still use separate gloves and net veil. Veil is a compulsory safety equipemts that everyone use who keep bees for honey bee business. Bees buzz around your eyes, nose and ears is always irritating and unsettling for a delicate job of handling hives. Separate net veils are also easily available in market. You can select from different sizes and styles from round to hooded ones as per your requirement and comfort.

Beekeeping veils with or without strings are obtainable which allow you to fix these veils around your neck and face according to your fit and size. You can anchor them in a way that forbids bees to fine a room inside your dress. Customized shaped best beekeeping veils are present in market to be had perfect vision facility, safety and ventilation as well.

These beekeeping veils for sale are serves multi-purpose.  Even if you are not working with  bees and have other kind of farm business, they protect you from wasp and many other flying insects. Beekeeping veils are mostly made up of net with distinctive materials like cotton, canvas and poly cotton fencing veils. Bee protective veils with sun protective round hats and zipper hoods are best sellers around the town.

These are thin layered and can easily fold up to put in your pockets. So what’s better than this much easy protections.  While buying veils one must consider comfort especially when you wear glasses. Best veils those can be attach to your suit via zip. You must need to see closely what task you are doing. Protective veils are also available in two pieces like separate net cover and hat and other may be one piece hooded or sealed with hat.

Types of Hat are different square, rounded and hexagonal can be selected. Best is to choose them after trying with your protective suit and gloves. Beekeeping job is no doubt very delicate and one should cover all aspects to buy its protective equipments.  This not only protects you but also allows you to enjoy your interesting job to its best. Happy you and happy bees will be productive to its highest. And same is the aim of any company providing this supplies.

When we established our store in 2013, our mission was to provide the highest quality suits, sourcing the best materials, for the bee workers around the globe.

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