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Time and technology have changed the techniques and SOPs to the next level. Procedures which were difficult and scary in past are now very handy. High risks which were a definite part of some occupations are now things to enjoy. One of these occupations having beehives for honey. We all know how painful a bee sting is. Technology has created many solutions for this pain full and very irritating problem. One very easy solution is the advanced form of sting proof beekeeping gloves. The use of beekeeping gloves is the cheapest and easy to use protection to avoid honey bee bite. When you use the best beekeeping gloves Anaheim, these gloves not only stop honeybees to bite directly on your bare skin but also protect you from different kinds of allergies. In this Page, you will find all of the possible information regarding sting proof beekeeping gloves. All types of best beekeeping gloves . You will also find people on the internet with the opinion that it’s not important to use leather beekeeping gloves, just because you need to be gentle with your bees and their hives. But working on practical grounds you will find out that it’s very risky and uncomfortable to work with bare hands. It’s almost impossible for newbies.

Usage OF Beekeeping Gloves:


Leather beekeeping gloves are your personal protection equipment. Whatever you did, you wouldn’t get stung but neighbors may be got stung. It will help you to not freaking out and run away just because you have stung so much. You can be more aggressive when got stung and obviously this can be more damaging to both bees and you. You may go bare handed and sometimes it may be fine but remember bees are responsive to animal scents or pheromones. You cannot predict their behavior each time you meet them.


The most common problem that people may face while using leather bee keeping gloves is difficult to navigate in between the hives. Difficulty to move your hands and loss of sensitivity while handling frames of hives is also one of the main issues. But these difficulties are not more worthy than one’s safety. Obviously not! The issue of washing them out after every couple of times use is not a big deal now a day when a variety of detergents and automated washing machines are available in the markets and in the reach of everyone.

Leather Beekeeping Gloves Anaheim

Best Bee Suit -OZ Armour

best bee gloves Anaheim

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Types of Gloves Available in the Market

There is a wide range of the best beekeeping gloves available in the market, that help you a lot in the journey of the bee protective gear business.

1. Leather beekeeping gloves:

There are two types of leather usually used for making the best beekeeping gloves. Goat leather and cow leather gloves. Gloves made up of cow leather are a little bit harder but most durable. But still very protective and useful products. Available in all size ranges in the market. Most of them are a unisex variety.

2. Leather, canvas, and elastic material mix gloves:

These are a mixture of all these materials and more productive supplies. These types of gloves are relatively soft and more protective for skin in case you have any kind of allergy or hypersensitivity to leather material. After all, it’s the animal’s skin.

3. Vented and non-vented beekeeping gloves:

All types of leather and mix gloves are also available in both vented and non-vented types. Vented beekeeping gloves help you to stay cool in warm weather conditions. Reduce sweating on hands. Similarly, non-vented are more useful in cold weather n helps you to stay warm.

4. Cotton cuff beekeeping gloves:

Ventilated or non-ventilated cotton cuff leather or mix stuff beekeeping gloves are also readily available in the market. They are mostly shorter in length and easier to use while working. 

5. Double-layer goat leather beekeeping gloves:

Goat leather beekeeping gloves are softer and protective at the same time. Highly persistent to a bee sting. And a double layer of goat leather makes them more productive. Made with premium goat leather.

7. Rubber beekeeping gloves:

The rubber material is also in use for making beekeeping gloves feature in all short and long sleeves length. They can be easier to handle as rubber is softer than leather. It’s pretty easy to vast sticky stuff off from rubber beekeeping gloves.

8. Chrome free beekeeping gloves:

Chromium allergy shows a chronic recurring course, especially the vesicular type of hand eczema. Chromium-free beekeeping gloves are also available in the market. They can be very much useful for people with skin allergies.

All above-mentioned types of beekeeping gloves are available in various sizes starting from XX-small. X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large to XXX-large.  Different variety of heavy-duty cotton canvas with or without elastic sleeves can be found easily in all marketplaces.

Kids Beekeeping Gloves:

Kids beekeeping gloves are also available in sizes ranges from XS, 2XS, 3XS, and 4XS. Can be bought for the kids ranges from 5 to 15. All can be vented and non-vented varieties and machine washable.

How to Select Gloves According to your need?

Find out what exactly you need? Which type of beekeeping gloves are more dedicated to your kind of job?


The most common mistake which new beekeepers do is they select too big gloves for the special women. gloves should be exactly of your size. There should be no empty fingers at the tip of your fingers.  If the gloves you have bought are too big, you cannot pick up and remove frames easily and will be really difficult for you to handle hives. Tighter gloves will have more dexterity. Dexterity is very important to protect your bees from squashing. Died bees inside hives can also be the source of disease in a whole lot.

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Children's beekeeping suits

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Weather Conditions:

Select vented or non-vented type of gloves according to the weather condition of your area. This can help in avoiding skin-related issues in future.  Sweating and excessive heat while wearing gloves can cause chronic skin problems which can be avoided by choosing most suitable type of gloves. You can buy one or two pairs of gloves according to the weather forecast of your city.

Nitrile Gloves as Beekeeping Gloves:                             

One of the most common considerations while buying beekeeping gloves is nitrile gloves or simple dishwashing gloves. People try to find out, can they use nitrile gloves in beekeeping job and can these gloves protect them for bee sting? The answer is obviously “NO”. Many people use these gloves because you can have increased dexterity and sensitivity. You can be more heat-sensitive towards bee hives but they are not protective for bee stings. Not at all! These are not beekeeping gloves for sale. Another drawback of nitrile gloves when we use them as beekeeping gloves that they don’t have any ventilation or can’t breathe like professional beekeeping gloves for sale. That makes your hands too sweaty to carry out a neat and clean procedure. The rupture easily and can be much messy with zero protection. They are disposable and you would dislike how much trash you are making with them.

Why do Beekeepers not Wearing Gloves?

This thing is not for newbies. When its your beginning , bare hands are not recommended. You are just learning the bees and how a normal hive is like. This is also not recommended for experienced beekeepers.

When we established our store in 2013, our mission was to provide the highest quality suits, sourcing the best materials, for the bee workers around the globe.

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